My collection of Western short stories entitled Blue Horse Mesa came out during the same period of time as my collection of retro/noir stories entitled Field Work, in 2012 when I was in between novel publishers. Blue Horse Mesa consists of twelve short stories, of which all but one had been previously published, and I took the initiative to bring them out in book form.  

I was very pleased with how this book came out, and I think the stories show a good range in my abilities as a fiction writer. I also think this is simply a good collection of Western stories.

Here is a description from the back cover of the book:

Men and women, guns and horses, tough situations and no easy solutions—these are the features of a dozen new stories by one of the most acclaimed writers of Western fiction today. John D. Nesbitt shows once again why his work is consistently praised for its evocative setting, realistic characterization, tight prose style, and thought-provoking story lines.

The stories in this collection are original, and like Nesbitt’s novels, they are classic in form and style. What unifies this collection, in addition to its details of time and place, is its view of life, in which men and women have to make their own way and live or die by their choices.

Blue Horse Mesa is available at Amazon.

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