An artist who wants to look at old churches and haciendas is drawn into the bitter world of a proud señorita and her jealous step-father.

Devon Frost is an artist who has come to an isolated place in New Mexico Territory to take impressions and make sketches of old buildings.  As he does so, he gets caught up in a local intrigue in which the master of a hacienda intimidates the suitors of his stepdaughter. One of the suitors turns up dead, and even though it becomes evident that the young woman’s stepfather has an obsession for her, suspicion falls most strongly on the other suitor.  Nobody seems to want to scratch very deep, however, until Devon takes the initiative to help the man he thinks is wrongly accused.

“The book is well-written and Nesbitt has a nice eye for the desert country of Southern New Mexico.”  —Bookgasm

“Precise, with not a word wasted, John D. Nesbitt hits the trail of Western action that never halts until the last word!”—True West

“Nesbitt writes convincing exchanges of conversation, that along with beautifully observed body language, create the fascinating character studies that fill this well-crafted tale of jealousy and murder.”  —Western Fiction Review

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