A small-time rancher goes along with two friends who want to help track down their brother's killer.

Vance Coolidge always said a man should have a chance to get even when he's been done wrong. And he's certainly been done wrong in his life. So when his friend Tip asked for his help in going after the men who killed Tip's brother, Vance agreed to join him. But Vance doesn't completely trust some of the other men riding with them, and as the chase wears on he'll find out that vengeance and righting wrongs can be a tricky—and dangerous—business.

“Another beautifully written traditional Western that satisfies a reader’s need for a realistic story set in the West. . . . A complicated story that holds the reader’s interest with its complex characters and their very human flaws." —Roundup Magazine

“Slyly plotted, this suspenseful story beguiles the reader to follow its twisting trail to a surprising finale.” —True West

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