A decent cowhand is framed for the murder of a neighboring rancher who has a flirtatious wife.

With a lot of rustling going on in the area, tensions are high and rumors are flying.  Word is going around that some of the larger ranchers have hired a gunman named Wolf Carlton to stop the rustling and protect their cattle.  And now a couple of the small ranchers have been found shot to death. Unfortunately for Spencer Prescott, some of the rumors are about him. Some people think that Spencer, not Wolf, is the one killing the competition.  Even worse, some folks think Spencer is behind the rustling—and that means trigger-happy Wolf will be looking to put a bullet in his back.

“Nesbitt paints vivid word pictures of the ranches, the range, the men themselves.  And he tells a story that will keep you turning the pages of this traditional Western.”  —Roundup Magazine

“. . . the book also combines strong elements of mystery to the more traditional plot of rustling. John D. Nesbitt’s writing style is extremely readable, and the almost gentle opening to the tale proves to be a slow burning fuse that inevitably picks up speed before exploding in violence that ties all the story threads up neatly.”  —Western Fiction Review

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