A ranch cook goes to work for two brothers who want to start their own ranch but make enemies along the way.

Tom Atkins is out of work. So when the Norden brothers ride into his camp one night and offer him a job, he figures he might as well accept. The Norden boys are nice enough and they just bought a small ranch nearby. All things considered, Atkins could do worse. But gradually, as time goes by, Atkins begins to notice things. Small things, but troubling. Some of the folks in town don't seem too friendly to anyone from the Norden ranch. And some of their neighbors are downright rude and insulting. Small things have a tendency to become big things, though, and it won't be long before Tom Atkins realizes exactly what he got himself into when he hired on to work for the Norden boys.

“Once again Nesbitt tells a complicated story with the kind of complex characterization for which he is best known.” —Roundup Magazine

For the Norden Boys rings as true as a triangle around the chuckwagon at suppertime.” True West

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