A new collection of original short stories set in the contemporary American West.

This is a book of hard-crafted fiction set in the contemporary West, stories about life and love, loss and death, with a few laughs along the way. In selections such as “Cowboy Heart,” “Ice on the Doorstep,” “Chokecherries Are Free,” “Drunk on Christmas Day,” and “Dusk on the Rangeland,” the book captures the spirit of people who tough it out in a world both modern in its problems and timeless in its landscape. This collection has all the fine features that have won praise for John D. Nesbitt’s earlier novels and short stories.

“The stories depict small slices of life in present-day Wyoming, and are written in a laconic, relaxed style I found very enjoyable. They don’t hit the reader over the head with a moral or conclusion, but I found myself thinking about each one after I had read it.” Wyoming Library Roundup

“Good writing and introspective characters, as well as a sense of place to which those characters belong, have always been hallmarks of Nesbitt’s novels, and these short stories exhibit the same careful crafting.  These stories are short pieces of polished prose that sparkle like jewels.” Roundup Magazine

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