Month: January 2023

Blue Is Not the Word and Buckskin Trail Commentary

“Blue Is Not the Word” and “Buckskin Trail” are two separate short stories that I wrote when I was in between novel projects. I offered them to the publisher, Speaking Volumes, with the idea that they might be published as individual short stories in e-book form, as I have had several stories published that way in the past. The publisher chose to publish them first in print form, which resulted in a short book, and I was pleased to see it come out.

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Trails and Crossings Commentary

Trails and Crossings is an audio collection of poems on CD, read by my humble self. This work intersects with my other work in writing poetry and song lyrics, so it is something of a companion to my printed collection of poetry, Thorns on the Rose, and the CD of songs composed by me and recorded by the great W.C. Jameson, In a Large and Lonesome Land.

My son, Dimitri, engineered the recording of this CD. The person who did the cover for In a Large and Lonesome Land, Cheryl Quallenberg of Llano, Texas, designed the cover using a painting by Tom Browning, for which I paid for the rights. The CD came out in February of 2022.

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