A man who wants to find something bigger than himself to believe in falls into an ill-advised romance.

Lane Weller is a man who is looking for something bigger than himself to believe in.  He finds it with Cora McGavin, a woman who is also looking for something more than she has in life now.  Unfortunately, Cora is married, and her husband is a bullying sort who always wants things done his way. As a result, Lane becomes something of an outcast, riding the lonesome range.  Through the course of events, he has to decide whether his love with Cora is the real thing or just something to lie about. This is a bold novel, written along classic lines, about a man and a woman who fall in love in Wyoming.

“Few writers are as adept at capturing the loneliness of the range as John D. Nesbitt, who knows both the brutality and beauty of Wyoming. Lonesome Range blends a traditional Western setting with the age-old story of ill-timed love, interjecting it with believable characters, rich dialogue, and a love of literature and language.” —Roundup Magazine

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