Winner of the Fiction Award (Book), Wyoming Historical Society, 2001
A cowhand looking for work finds it in a cold, dangerous place.

Monte Casteel hadn’t planned on staying long when he rode into the small Wyoming town of Eagle Spring.  He was just a ranch hand with no work between seasons. But even before he got into town, someone warned him it might be better for his health if he kept on riding, and Monte hated to be told what to do.  It got even tougher to leave when he saw Dora in the street. She was the girl he’d pined after for so long, though she never seemed to care much for him. They may not have been the best reasons to stay around, but they were good enough for Monte.  He didn’t know—-yet—-that he had one great reason to ride out of town fast—-a range war was brewing, hired guns were coming in, and before long Monte would find himself caught right in the middle.

North of Cheyenne is a deliberately paced Western with an emphasis on characters and place. . . . Using a skillfully crafted storyline, Nesbitt builds tension and blends a believable romance with an authentic look at a cowboy, not a gunfighter, caught in the middle of a range war." Roundup Magazine

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