A man who wants to make a new start by acquiring his own homestead has to get to the bottom of an old crime.

Jim Fontaine wants to get a new start in life by settling on his own piece of land near the town of Redwillow.  He isn’t there very long, though, when a saloon girl named Emma turns up dead and a friend of his, Charley Drake, gets thrown in jail for the murder.  Nora Winterborne, a woman who is new in town, confides to Fontaine that she is interested, but she has to keep quiet. Fontaine also learns of the disappearance of a limping woman named Judith Deaver.  Fontaine has to follow a trail of twisted stories, older crimes, and newer murders until he can help bring about Justice at Redwillow.

“This book is an absorbing blend of mystery . . . , western suspense, and a trail of twisted stories. I highly recommend this novel for those who enjoy a good western tale.  —Historical Novel Society

“Despite the high body count--half the cast will be dead by the last sunset--Nesbitt as usual keeps things relaxed and neighborly, even though Fontaine's neighbors aren't the kind you'd want yourself.”—Kirkus Review

“Almost more of a mystery than a western, Justice at Redwillow is a sturdy tale.”—Booklist

“A good read from one of the best writers of Westerns.”—Roundup Magazine

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