A straight-up cowpuncher runs into crooked dealings when a fellow puncher gets killed.

Braden isn't looking for trouble. He is just a ranch hand, out looking for stray horses. But trouble finds him. He hears about someone doing something pretty low and getting away with it, and it starts to work on his mind. Then the man who told him is found dead. Lots of folks would just turn away from it, forget about it and move on. But Braden isn't most folks. No, he has to look into it a little. That is his first mistake. The more he looks, the more he finds—and the more trouble finds him. Till pretty soon, all his digging uncovers a lot more than he ever imagined. And a lot more than some powerful people think is safe.

Black Hat Butte has stronger characterization than is found in the average traditional Western, but then John Nesbitt isn’t an average writer." —Roundup Magazine

“John Nesbitt knows working cowboys and ranch life well enough for you to chew the dirt with his characters as this tale unfolds.” —True West

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