Black Diamond Rendezvous

An out-of-work cowboy rescues a girl and finds himself in a pyramid of trouble.

Coyote Trail

An honest ranch hand makes friends with a man who has a shady past and an avenger on his trail.

Man from Wolf River

A traveling ranch worker uncovers some sinister doings when he helps a girl get away from the influence of a prosperous local citizen.

North of Cheyenne

A cowhand looking for work finds it in a cold, dangerous place.

Black Hat Butte

A straight-up cowpuncher runs into crooked dealings when a fellow puncher gets killed.

West of Rock River

A small-time rancher goes along with two friends who want to help to track down their brother's killer.

Lonesome Range

A man who wants to find something bigger than himself to believe in falls into an ill-advised romance.

Trouble at the Redstone

A down-and-out cowpuncher finds work looking for a husband who went astray.

Stranger in Thunder Basin

A young boy grows up to search for the killers of the man who was more or less his father.

Gather My Horses

A range rider who runs a string of packhorses finds himself up against a group of big ranchers who want to control the range.

Not a Rustler

A decent cowhand is framed for the murder of a neighboring rancher who has a flirtatious wife.

For the Norden Boys

A ranch cook goes to work for two brothers who want to start their own ranch but make enemies along the way.

Death at Dark Water

An artist who wants to look at old churches and haciendas is drawn into the bitter world of a proud señorita and her jealous step-father.

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