A range rider who runs a string of packhorses finds himself up against a group of his big ranchers who want to control the range.

Tom Fielding runs a string of packhorses and works for some of the big outfits near the Laramie Range. Trouble starts when a couple of the big ranchers push around the smaller ones, bullying them. The small operators want to resist, and they need support from a friend like Tom. Others warn him not to take sides and not to make powerful enemies. But Tom knows that when something is wrong, he has to stand up against it. His decision not only threatens his livelihood but puts him in the middle of a deadly war.

“Spur-winner Nesbitt doesn’t write traditional novels or routine shoot-em-ups.  Gather My Horses is an emotional story, full of believable people with rich detail and a sense of purpose.  Nesbitt breathes life, rich in characterization, to this beautifully written novel.” —Roundup Magazine

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