An exercise book to accompany the "Blue Book of Basic Writing."

A collection of exercises that goes along with The Blue Book of Basic Writing 6th Edition. Written by John D. Nesbitt, this book made up of entirely of perforated pages that tear out easily, not only adds to the exercises from The Blue Book, but it provides a wider range of activities in order to reinforce the content of the main text. According to a joke that is explained in one of the exercises in this book, Robinson Crusoe was the only person who ever had his work done by Friday. Most students and writers have to do the work of writing themselves and get it done by the due date. The job of writing is sometimes characterized as difficult, lonely work-not unlike the way Robinson Crusoe had to do things the first twenty- some years on the island. Learning to write and re-work sentences doesn't have to be that way, and it doesn't have to be hard. A person merely has to be willing to learn, and as with many areas of learning, he has to take an active role in adapting the subject matter to his own thought processes. A writer who can write effective sentences and improve less-effective ones has a great deal to gain, not least of which is self-sufficiency and the pride that goes with it.

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