A trustworthy cow hand is targeted by the hired men of a ruthless bank robber.

Elwood Lawrence‚ top hand at the Crown Butte ranch‚ tries to find out where the cattle are disappearing to. It looks like an inside job. His work becomes complicated when he develops an interest in a woman who comes to visit the ranch‚ and behind it all is the disappearance of a flashy stranger who is said to be a bank robber. As Elwood continues to track down the cattle rustling‚ unknown enemies sabotage him‚ and take shots at him. The mystery of the missing bank robber has not gone away‚ and Elwood realizes there is more at stake than a few stolen cattle. One gunman after another comes after him‚ and to get to the bottom of things he has to go to the outlaw lair.

“Nesbitt spins a leisurely sagebrush romance with the mystery crowded into the closing chapters, after the serious gunplay has already begun.”—Kirkus Review

“The author’s knowledge of the West is exceptional.  He has a command of western ranching, and the book is rich in western culture.  I highly recommend this book for western lovers.”—Historical Novel Society

“Nesbitt is always entertaining, but he’s at his best here, delivering a solid western, full of cowboy lore, combined with just enough of a mystery to keep the pages turning.”—Booklist

“Whenever John Nesbitt publishes, devotees of the Western motif perk up like prairie dogs.  Whether through short fiction, novels or poetry, Nesbitt finds ways to express his eloquence and narrative gift.  . . . Keep writing, Mr. Nesbitt.  We'll keep reading.”  —Roundup Magazine

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