Finalist, Western Writers of America Spur Award in Best Original Mass Market Paperback, 2008. 
Jimmy Clevis sets out to look for a man who disappeared on an errand to deliver a figurine of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

This is the third in a mini-series about Jimmy Clevis, the good-natured narrator who appeared earlier in Rancho Alegre and Red Wind Crossing.  In this novel, Jimmy sets out to find a missing man.  His travels take him to Wyoming, where he comes to the small town of Raven Springs and a couple of roadside inns.  People seem to disappear in this place, and in the course of Jimmy’s stay, he has to untangle the threads of missing persons, altered identity, greed, and murder.

“As much a mystery novel as a Western, Raven Springs is a delightful read, filled with interesting characters, unique plot twists, red herrings, and a likeable hero. . . . Nesbitt is a gifted writer, and he captures the essence of the people of the West. . . . Enjoyable from start to finish, Raven Springs is a gripping mystery.” —Roundup Magazine

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