Jimmy Clevis goes on an errand to find an old man's natural son, and he finds much more than he bargained for.

Jimmy Clevis is out of work and needs some money.  So when an old man named Tull asks him to do a quick job for him, Clevis agrees.  All Clevis has to do is head south to Paloma Springs to find Tull’s son. Sounds like easy money, right?  Wrong. Clevis isn’t just riding into Paloma Springs—-he’s riding straight into a tangled net of lies, stealing, blackmail, hidden identities . . . and murder.

“Nesbitt writes what might be called literary traditional Westerns.  His plots are complex and so are his characters.  He uses descriptive narrative more than most writers. . . . Rancho Alegre is another fine example of how good a traditional Western can be.” —Roundup Magazine

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