Winner, Western Writers of America Spur Award in Best Poem, 2019. (“Prairie Center”)
Third place, Poetry, Will Rogers Medallion Award, 2014.
A collection of forty-two western poems, including the Spur Award-winning poem "Prairie Center."

These are poems about Western life, ranging from pretty girls and heartbreak to campfires and good horses to life and death in the Western landscape.This is the second edition of a collection of award-winning Western poetry. The poems vary from free verse to sonnets, ballads, and songs. This edition includes the Spur-Award-winning poem "Prairie Center" as well as many other poems that have won awards in smaller contests. The first edition of this collection won a Will Rogers Medallion Award.

“An appealing book of Western poetry. Demonstrating knowledge of the poetic form, John D. Nesbitt seems at ease writing in several styles.” Roundup Magazine

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