Jimmy Clevis wants to get out of the crooked life, but things get tangled up when he meets the wrong girl.

Clevis always says that when he sees a pretty girl walking down the street and looking over her shoulder, he pays attention, especially if she is walking fast. From the time he sees Helen hurrying down the street, Clevis knows she is in some sort of trouble. First he is curious. Then he wants to help. But helping Helen is no simple matter, as he soon finds out. She is trapped in a dark web of lies, deceit . . . and murder. And the more he tries to help her, the more the sticky strands of that web snare Clevis too. Clevis knows there has to be a way to free both of them. He just has to find it while they are still alive.

“Another beautifully written traditional Western that satisfies a reader’s need for a realistic story set in the West. . . . A complicated story that holds the reader’s interest with its complex characters and their very human flaws." —Roundup Magazine

“Slyly plotted, this suspenseful story beguiles the reader to follow its twisting trail to a surprising finale.” —True West

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