Brother stands by brother when trouble comes calling...

Redboot Ranch was home for Gene and Zeke Hill, but Zeke left for Texas after tangling with Charlie Bickford over a woman. Three years later, Zeke returns, but he and Bickford are unable to make peace. While out rounding up a stray bull, the brothers Hill cross paths with Bickford. A fight ensues, and Bickford dies. Zeke and Gene set it up to look like an accident, and initially, all the other hands at Redboot buy it. But the secret begins to gnaw at Zeke and Gene, and it damages their relationship. What once was a bond has been transformed into a chain. Gene wants to settle down on his own ranch; Zeke wants to run wild and head for Alaska. Gene wants honesty and fair play; Zeke will do whatever it takes, rules be damned. Their secret is threatened, and the two must decide how to deal with Bickford's vengeful brother and the law.

“A traditional western that depends more on character than plot . . . This is definitely a thinking man’s or woman’s novel.” —Roundup Magazine

One-Eyed Cowboy Wild is a refreshing version of the stories that first set the Western before its audience.  [It] is a Western in the form of classics like The Virginian. . . . Prepare yourself to experience the Western the way it was before gratuitous violence was the American way of entertainment.” —Springdale, AR, News

“. . .a remarkable work . . . Nesbitt is a true artist. . . . One-Eyed Cowboy Wild has as its most stylish feature dialogue which is simply superb.” —Western American Literature

“Nesbitt offers in his first novel a fine tale of the West. . . .More books from this talented pen would be most welcome.” —Library Journal

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