Wilf Kasmire looks for the truth about a deer hunting violation and a missing woman.

When Wilf Kasmire is asked to guide some hunters on a newcomer’s ranch, he doesn’t think anything is up.  After all, he wants to try to make a living as a guide and outfitter so he can enjoy the outdoor life he loves.  As he goes about his work, he is nagged by the disappearance of a young woman he used to spend time with, and no one seems to be trying very hard to find her.  Ultimately, the two questions come together: does Wilf want to keep on selling the gifts of nature to arrogant clients, and what happened to Heather Lea?

“No one can miss seeing the author’s expertise at hunting and guiding as the process is described in detail.  His love of the Wyoming wild country is evident in his heartfelt writing.”  —Roundup Magazine

“Nesbitt . . . offers a contemporary novel of the West that is equal parts a literary effort, a study of one man’s struggle with his passions, and a satisfying mystery.”  —Big Sky Journal

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