A hard-working ranch hand becomes a junior partner to a landowner who turns up dead.

Russell Archer has come to Wyoming to fulfill his dream of having his own land. After one season of work on Lidge Mercer s ranch, he receives an offer to become a junior partner. Before long, however, Archer learns that Lidge was caught up in an old crime and fears for his life.

Meanwhile, Archer meets a young woman named Kate, who would like to find her father. Archer and Kate go in search of him, and they find him in another town.

Back at the ranch, Archer finds Lidge Mercer dead. Out of obligation to the dead man, Archer tries to solve the crime. Archer goes back to see Jack Doolin, Kate s father, who gives him possible leads.

Difficulties set in when Archer finds Jack Doolin dead, and then the killers come for Archer one at a time until the last one goes after Kate.

“Despite the rising body count, Nesbitt keeps it all slow and easy as a gentled horse, making this tale the perfect escape even from other mystery fiction.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A quiet western that builds to a white-hot, satisfying finish.” —Booklist

“Another solid novel from a master of the craft.” —Roundup Magazine

“A must read for those who enjoy the western genre, with a little mystery on the side.” —Historical Novel Society

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