A traveling ranch worker uncovers some sinister doings when he helps a girl get away from the influence of a prosperous local citizen.

Owen Felver was on his way from the Wolf River country to the Laramie Range, hoping to earn summer wages, when he stopped off in Cameron, Wyoming. As a fellow who enjoyed his pleasures, he had a beer in the saloon, but then he got sidetracked sticking up for a girl. Her name turned out to be Jenny Quoin, and one of the bigwigs in town didn’t want to leave her alone. Felver didn’t like to be told to move along, and he and Jenny developed a mutual interest, so he pitched camp near town and took a look into things. Soon enough, he had thugs trying to rough him up. So he looked closer. As he did, he discovered a web of theft, invasion of privacy, blackmail, and eventually murder.

“Another traditional Western in Nesbitt’s elegantly spare prose.” —Roundup Magazine

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