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Endeavor Books is a small publisher located in Casper, Wyoming. For several years it was an independent publisher and printer, but now it is a division of Mountain States Lithographing.

I first started working with Endeavor Books in the 1990’s when the company did print jobs for projects I was working on, such as a literary magazine we used to publish at Eastern Wyoming College, textbooks I wrote for my college courses, and my own publishing projects when I brought out my first four collections of short stories. In those days I worked with Dan Hashberger and Bruce Studer, two very personable fellows. As time went on, they also brought out work of mine under their own imprint. When Bruce’s health took a serious downturn with cancer, Dan kept up the business by himself, but after Bruce’s death, Dan eventually found it feasible to merge with Mountain States.

For the next several years, I have worked with Dan in his location at Mountain States. He continued to be flexible, cooperative, and efficient. In addition to bringing out another collection of my short stories, he produced subsequent editions of my textbooks. These teaching materials have been a great development for me in my daily work, as they have helped me maintain efficiency in my course management and they have allowed me not to be dependent on the big textbook publishers. Furthermore, the cost for the students has always been half or less than half of what a comparable book from a larger textbook company would cost.

Beyond my own experience with Endeavor Books, I know that Dan has worked very well with other people in this part of the country. For several years Wyoming Writers, an organization I belong to, published its annual anthology of contest winners through Endeavor Books, and I have known several fellow writers who have had a good working relationship in bringing out projects with Dan. Furthermore, in 2004, Wyoming Writers recognized Endeavor Books with the Arizola Magnenat Award for dedicated service to writers.

Eventually, Dan moved on to other opportunities. I have continued to work with Endeavor Books, and I now have a very positive working relationship with Tammy Littau, the president and owner of Mountain States Lithographing and Endeavor Books.

And so I take this moment to express my appreciation of Dan Hashberger and Endeavor Books, who have done so much to help writers, readers, and students in our region.

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  1. Jules Skillman

    Highly energetic article, I loved that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

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