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Adventures of the Ramrod Rider Commentary

Adventures of the Ramrod Rider was published by Endeavor Books of Casper, Wyoming, in the fall of 1999. It followed two contemporary western novels of mine that Endeavor Books published, and it was a great joy for me to see this book published.

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Shadows on the Plain Commentary

Shadows on the Plain, published in 2005 by Endeavor Books, is my fifth collection of short stories. As with my previous collection Antelope Sky, these stories are set in the contemporary West, for the most part Wyoming, although a couple of the characters travel from there to other places.

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Poacher’s Moon Commentary

I describe Poacher’s Moon as a contemporary western novel with a strong element of mystery. It takes place in present-day Wyoming, and it deals with environmental ethics at the same time that it traces the mystery of a missing person.

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Dark Prairie Commentary

Dark Prairie is my twentieth novel with an Old West setting. I hesitate to call it a traditional western because it was published as a Frontier Mystery with Five Star Publishing, but in many ways it is a traditional western, and like others I have written, it is a crossover western mystery.

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One Foot in the Stirrup Commentary

One Foot in the Stirrup is a collection of western short stories that I first brought out myself in the fall of 1995. It consists of nine stories, six of them previously published, and it has been a nice little book for me.

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Blue Horse Mesa Commentary

My collection of Western short stories entitled Blue Horse Mesa came out during the same period of time as my collection of retro/noir stories entitled Field Work, in 2012 when I was in between novel publishers. Blue Horse Mesa consists of twelve short stories, of which all but one had been previously published, and I took the initiative to bring them out in book form.  

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Dorchester and the Doldrums

For thirteen years, from 1997 to 2010, the main outlet for my published work was Leisure Books, which was part of Dorchester Publishing. I began with the company when Don D’Auria was bringing the westerns line back to life. Our excellent relationship began when he acquired One-Eyed Cowboy Wild as a mass-market paperback reprint and Black Diamond Rendezvous as a paperback original. From that point on, we would do fifteen more paperback originals and one other reprint. I thought we were on the crest of the wave at the Western Writers of America convention in June 2010, when Don and Leah (Hultenschmidt) received the Lariat Award for their contributions to the western genre and when I received my second Spur award in paperback original. At that time I had a book that had gone through editing with Don (Gather My Horses), plus two more under contract. One (Dark Prairie) was written and in the pipe, and I was beginning to write the other when Dorchester dropped the bomb.

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Field Work Commentary

At about the same time that I brought out Two Novellas, which is to say between the time I finished with Dorchester and the time I took up with Five Star, I worked on a few self-publishing projects.

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Two Novellas Commentary

During the time between the sinking of Dorchester Publishing and my emergence with another publisher, I worked on some other projects. I did not want to just sit and wait for something to happen, and I was interested in trying some of the self-publishing outlets that people were talking a great deal about.

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Gather My Horses Commentary

Gather My Horses is my nineteenth traditional western novel and the last one I did with my great editor Don D’Auria before he left Dorchester Publishing. The book was supposed to come out as a mass-market paperback in October of 2010, but because of changes at the publishing house, the book came out simultaneously in trade paperback and e-book in June of 2011.

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