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Blue Springs Commentary

Blue Springs is a contemporary western mystery novel with Wilf Kasmire as the protagonist. It was published by Fire Star Press, an imprint of Prairie Rose Publications, in November of 2017. As with other works, this one evolved in a roundabout way.

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Justice at Redwillow Commentary

Justice at Redwillow is my twenty-third western/frontier novel and my fourth with Five Star in its hardcover frontier line. It was published in August of 2015.

I began working on ideas for this story line in 2011, but I struggled quite a bit with some of the elements. I think some of my uncertainties may have come from my status, as this was the period between the time when Dorchester ended its western line and the time when Five Star began its frontier line. As mentioned in other commentaries, I had begun working with an agent, but the various commercial publishing companies were wary of taking on new writers, and some of them had a rather narrow idea of what kinds of stories they wanted. I came to appreciate Dorchester, who, in spite of wanting things to be recognizable traditional westerns, was willing to accept stories that were a bit atypical and varied.

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Across the Cheyenne River Commentary

Across the Cheyenne River was my second novel with Five Star Publishing and my twenty-first traditional western. Although that sequence may sound routine, this novel did not make its way into the world without obstacles.

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Adventures of the Ramrod Rider Commentary

Adventures of the Ramrod Rider was published by Endeavor Books of Casper, Wyoming, in the fall of 1999. It followed two contemporary western novels of mine that Endeavor Books published, and it was a great joy for me to see this book published.

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Dark Prairie Commentary

Dark Prairie is my twentieth novel with an Old West setting. I hesitate to call it a traditional western because it was published as a Frontier Mystery with Five Star Publishing, but in many ways it is a traditional western, and like others I have written, it is a crossover western mystery.

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Gather My Horses Commentary

Gather My Horses is my nineteenth traditional western novel and the last one I did with my great editor Don D’Auria before he left Dorchester Publishing. The book was supposed to come out as a mass-market paperback in October of 2010, but because of changes at the publishing house, the book came out simultaneously in trade paperback and e-book in June of 2011.

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Stranger in Thunder Basin Commentary

Stranger in Thunder Basin is my seventeenth traditional western novel. It was published in April 2009 by Leisure Books (Dorchester Publishing). In this novel, I continue my efforts at writing traditional fast-action westerns with strong elements of character and landscape.

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Lonesome Range Commentary

My novel Lonesome Range was a challenge to write and, for me at least, one of the two or three best things I had written up to this point. For my entry on this novel, I am posting the commentary that I wrote for the Leisure Books (Dorchester Publishing) website when the book came out in 2006.

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Black Hat Butte Commentary

Black Hat Butte is my ninth traditional western novel. It was published in February 2003 by  Leisure Books (Dorchester Publishing). I consider it to be at the center of my work, as it is a literary traditional western with strong interest in character and landscape. Black Hat Butte is available at Amazon.

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West of Rock River Commentary

West of Rock River is my eleventh traditional western novel.  It was published in October 2004 by Leisure Books (Dorchester Publishing). I wrote this novel in between Red Wind Crossing and Rancho Alegre, and it is quite different in tone from the Jimmy Clevis books.

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