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Poacher’s Moon Commentary

I describe Poacher’s Moon as a contemporary western novel with a strong element of mystery. It takes place in present-day Wyoming, and it deals with environmental ethics at the same time that it traces the mystery of a missing person.

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Rancho Alegre Commentary

Rancho Alegre, which came out in July 2005, was my twelfth traditional western novel and the second novel with Jimmy Clevis as the narrator and main character. Because Jimmy Clevis is a good-natured, fun-seeking fellow, writing from his point of view was once again an enjoyable undertaking for me.

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Red Wind Crossing Commentary

With Red Wind Crossing I began what has been a mini-series about Jimmy Clevis, a cowboy detective or amateur sleuth. For my commentary here, I have decided to post a commentary that I wrote for the Leisure Books (Dorchester Publishing) website when the book came out in November 2003. Here it is:

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