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Poacher’s Moon Commentary

I describe Poacher’s Moon as a contemporary western novel with a strong element of mystery. It takes place in present-day Wyoming, and it deals with environmental ethics at the same time that it traces the mystery of a missing person.

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Dark Prairie Commentary

Dark Prairie is my twentieth novel with an Old West setting. I hesitate to call it a traditional western because it was published as a Frontier Mystery with Five Star Publishing, but in many ways it is a traditional western, and like others I have written, it is a crossover western mystery.

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Field Work Commentary

At about the same time that I brought out Two Novellas, which is to say between the time I finished with Dorchester and the time I took up with Five Star, I worked on a few self-publishing projects.

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Two Novellas Commentary

During the time between the sinking of Dorchester Publishing and my emergence with another publisher, I worked on some other projects. I did not want to just sit and wait for something to happen, and I was interested in trying some of the self-publishing outlets that people were talking a great deal about.

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Rancho Alegre Commentary

Rancho Alegre, which came out in July 2005, was my twelfth traditional western novel and the second novel with Jimmy Clevis as the narrator and main character. Because Jimmy Clevis is a good-natured, fun-seeking fellow, writing from his point of view was once again an enjoyable undertaking for me.

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