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  1. John, I am listening to this CD now because I saw this in my email. I’m listening to “Thorns on the Stone” now, so there is 1 more to hear. I love every one and plan to buy this. I have a younger brother who does not have time to read much, but I am sure he would love the CD (and his wife too), then I have an older brother who is not into reading much and the only music is basically oldies…then my other younger brother, loves to read but works like crazy with no time to kick back and read. I’ve told him about your writing and he is interested but says he can’t do much until he retires the end of this year. I feel this will be a great CD. Great job!

    • Jan: Thank you for writing, and thank you for your kind words of appreciation. I am glad you like the songs. If I can help you with copies of this CD, please let me know. I have several on hand. Thanks again, John.

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