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Justice at Redwillow Commentary

Justice at Redwillow is my twenty-third western/frontier novel and my fourth with Five Star in its hardcover frontier line. It was published in August of 2015.

I began working on ideas for this story line in 2011, but I struggled quite a bit with some of the elements. I think some of my uncertainties may have come from my status, as this was the period between the time when Dorchester ended its western line and the time when Five Star began its frontier line. As mentioned in other commentaries, I had begun working with an agent, but the various commercial publishing companies were wary of taking on new writers, and some of them had a rather narrow idea of what kinds of stories they wanted. I came to appreciate Dorchester, who, in spite of wanting things to be recognizable traditional westerns, was willing to accept stories that were a bit atypical and varied.

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Don’t Be a Stranger Commentary

Don’t Be a Stranger is my twenty-second western/frontier novel, published by Five Star Publishing in February of 2015. It was published before Justice at Redwillow, although I wrote them in the opposite order. I wrote them both while things were getting under way with Five Star and its frontier line. During that time, Dark Prairie was going through the acceptance, editing, and production process, and Across the Cheyenne River was making its way onto the list.

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Robert Roripaugh Commentary

Robert Roripaugh is a booklet in the Boise State University Western Writers Series. This slim volume came out in 2004, and it gives an overview of the career of Robert Roripaugh, who has been a major literary figure in Wyoming for many years.

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Across the Cheyenne River Commentary

Across the Cheyenne River was my second novel with Five Star Publishing and my twenty-first traditional western. Although that sequence may sound routine, this novel did not make its way into the world without obstacles.

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Understanding Fiction Commentary

Understanding Fiction is a textbook/manual I have put together for my college classes in introduction to literature and studies in the short story. Like Writing for Real, it evolved out of materials I developed for a distance course. When I first undertook the project, I was presenting a course in short fiction and the novel, and I wrote explanatory sections for stories in an anthology I had ordered and for novels I had selected.

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Writing for Real Commentary

Writing for Real is a textbook I have composed for my classes in college composition. It first began to take shape many years ago, when I was putting together a manual for a distance course in composition. At that time, I wrote up quite a bit of material that I used to present in lecture or discussion, and I plundered material that I had included in an earlier version of the Blue Book of Basic Writing (ostensibly for a broader audience, at the suggestion of the publisher at the time) but did not use to any appreciable extent and then took out.

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Done by Friday Commentary

In a separate post, I mention that I developed a collateral text, consisting entirely of supplemental exercises, to go along with the Blue Book of Basic Writing, a textbook I have developed and used for several years in my basic writing courses. This secondary text is entitled Done by Friday (reference to Robinson Crusoe explained in the Preface), and like my other textbook/course manual works, it has been published by Endeavor Books. I would like to express my appreciation for Dan at Endeavor Books, as he has worked with great patience and consideration as he has made these books available to students (and others) at very reasonable prices.

Done by Friday is available at Amazon.

Blue Book of Basic Writing Commentary

The Blue Book of Basic Writing is a textbook I developed for my basic writing classes.  I first started working on it in the late 1980’s, when I had become more and more dissatisfied with basic writing textbooks on the market. The more I taught basic writing, the more I developed my own materials, until I had enough to begin building my own text.

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Thorns on the Rose Commentary

Thorns on the Rose is a collection of western poetry I have written. This slim volume was first produced by Western Trail Blazer as an e‑book as well as in print format. I was and still am very grateful to Rebecca J. Vickery and Laura Shinn for their willingness to produce a book of poetry in their Western Trail Blazer line.

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I’ll Tell You What Commentary

I’ll Tell You What is a collection of short stories that I brought out myself in the summer of 1996. It consists of fourteen stories, eight of them previously published, and it was a bit of a lark to publish.

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